Covid-19 Protocol

The following interim guidelines have been developed in accordance to our licensing body and WorkSafe BC to provide a safe and healthy environment for both our patients and staff.

At the time of your booking a Covid-19 Screening questionnaire will be sent to your email. This questionnaire is to be completed prior to your arrival to the clinic. You will be asked to stay home if you are experiencing any symptoms of COVID-19; including but not limited to fever, chills, cough, shortness of breath, sore throat and/or loss of sense of smell. Due to the ongoing pandemic we are currently relaxing our cancellation policy.

All patients will be asked if they have completed the COVID-19 questionnaire and will be screened on the questionnaire prior to gaining entry to the treatment areas.
Only patients who have been screened and are not experiencing any Covid-19, cold, or flu symptoms will be permitted to enter the clinic and proceed with treatment.

Patients will be required to arrive at the clinic at the time of their appointments. The clinic’s waiting room is no longer available. A plexiglass barrier will provide separation between patients and receptionist when communication is needed. Additionally, there are physical distancing decals on the floor of the clinic to ensure distance is maintained while in the common areas. We ask that you arrive unaccompanied to your appointments.

We ask all patients to wear a mask upon arrival at the clinic. Masks must be worn for the full duration of the time you are at the clinic. Non-surgical masks, and cloth masks are all sufficient.

Patients are required to use hand sanitizer (that will be found at the hand sanitization station in the clinic) upon entering and leaving the clinic.
The receptionist or your physiotherapist will close the curtains for you when you enter the treatment room.

Booking your follow-up appointment should be done with your physiotherapist at the end of the session. Additionally, appointments may be booked via phone, email, or online at

We kindly ask that payment is made online through the Jane online booking program ( By entering your credit card information into the program, payment can be completed remotely by the receptionist. Point of sale terminals are available to be used at the clinic, if unable to enter your information remotely. Terminals are disinfected after each patient or at any point of contact. Unfortunately, at this time we cannot accept cash payments.

Receipts will be emailed after your treatment

We have implemented a cleaning protocol for all common areas, surfaces and equipment between each patient. All frequent touch points have been removed such as magazines, mugs, and cups of water. Extra time between patients has been allocated for additional cleaning as well as a reduction in the number of patients in the clinic to ensure thorough sanitization at all times.