Do You Ever Get Sore After An Uphill Run?

Pelvic Mobility Exercise – “The Shoe Tie Exercise” 

By Shirley Estey, Registered Physiotherapist

Do you ever get tightness or soreness in your hip/pelvis following an uphill run?

This past Sunday, I did a run/hike up the Coquitlam Crunch trail. It was great mix of cardio and glut activation, however, following the hike I was left with some right hip pelvis pain. After doing stretches for my back and gluts, I felt my pelvis and realized that they were stiff and slightly rotated forward.

When feeling around my hips I felt a lot of tightness around the front of my hips and gluts. To alleviate that soreness, I did an at home mobilization exercise, called “The Shoe Tie Exercise.”  This exercise is great to help align your pelvis while stretching tight muscles around your hip and pelvis. All you need is a step or a stool!

“The Shoe Tie Exercise”:

  • Place the foot of your stiff hip on the stool. (Example if trying to release the right hip/pelvis, place your right foot on the stool.








  • Bend forward as though you are to reach the foot that is placed on the floor (Example the left foot.)









  • Hold the position for 3-5 seconds; repeat 5-10 x