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Individualized One on One Sessions

Kitsilano Physiotherapy Clinic provides a detailed one-on-one approach for every assessment and treatment conducted by the physiotherapist. With each session our therapists ensure that each treatment is individualized to the clients needs. Treatments consist of a hands-on approach to ease pain, improve range of motion (ROM) and release muscular or joint restriction. Clients are educated on activities, exercises and postural movements to ensure improvements that continue beyond their time at the clinic.

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Why Choose Us?

Kitsilano Physiotherapy provides itself in finding individualized treatments for our patients to speed up recovery and maintain mobility and physical wellness.

  • One on one sessions with a physiotherapist
  • Appointments with only one patient at a time
  • Leading edge individualized treatments plans
  • Flexible personalized treatments including home visits

Leading Edge Therapies to Get You Better Faster

Kitsilano Physiotherapy has been a leader in providing progressive therapies to Vancouver residents since 1979.
We are the only clinic in area to offer both shockwave treatments and hydrotherapy.

Best Physio in Vancouver

You are in good hands...

As a physician, I highly recommend this clinic to my patients and to all my family and friends in need of physical therapy. The physiotherapists and team are very friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable. They provide excellent care and thoroughly consider their patients needs before implementing a course of treatment to make sure they have the best possible recovery.

Kasia M

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