Home Visits

Physiotherapy Treatment at Your Home!

Our clinic is proud to offer an affordable new service to Vancouver community!

For those who are unable to attend the clinic, physiotherapy home visits allow a Registered Physiotherapist to come to your home and conduct a physiotherapy treatment. This will include a complete physiotherapy assessment as well as treatment implementation. In order to maximize your progress, a physiotherapy session can be initiated within 1-2 days of your call. A home physiotherapy treatment may include active exercises, manual therapy and portable electrotherapy such as Ultrasound or Laser.

Our local Vancouver Physiotherapists are experienced and prompt. They will design a safe and enjoyable exercise program geared towards improving and/or maintaining function and independence. Individual goals are important part of our programs. Some of these goals may include improvement or maintenance of functional abilities such as bed mobility, standing, sitting, walking, balance, and stairs.

This program is personalized to meet the individual needs of each client and is designed with caring, kindness, and respect in mind.

Home Visits are available in Vancouver Westside, Kitsilano, Point Grey and UBC, and dependent on the therapists’ availability.

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Who Needs Home Physiotherapy?

*Seniors with mobility restrictions or limitations may benefit from this service since they difficulties leaving their homes. The home can also be assessed for hazards to prevent falls and decrease the risk of falls.

*People with neurological injuries such as stroke(CVA), spinal cord injury or multiple sclerosis, can have a physiotherapy treatment in a comfortable environment to help promote in-home independence.

*Patients after orthopaedic surgeries, when mobility is compromised. Particularly Total Hip Replacement(THR) or Total Knee Replacement(TKR) may benefit from early physiotherapy care.

*People after prolonged hospitalization go through severe deconditioning and may not be able to regain their previous independence. Home physiotherapy intervention promotes rehabilitative exercises that lead to faster recovery.

*Anybody in acute pain or distress who is unable to make it to the clinic.

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