How Can Taping Help Achilles Tendon Pain?

By Shirley Estey, Registered Physiotherapist

Achilles Tendinopathy (or Achilles Tendonitis) can develop slowly with overuse of the muscles in the lower leg. The gastrocnemius (gastrocs) and Soleus muscles attach into the achilles tendon which inserts into the heel.

I have many patients who put quite a lot of load on their Achilles Tendon due to the way they stand on a daily basis. Often with the elimination of  activities such as running, hiking and biking, many people report they are still suffering from Achilles Tendon pain. As a physiotherapist when I examine the  standing posture of these individuals;  there is excessive weight being placed on the inside arches and heels. Standing this way puts a lot of stress on the achilles tendon and decreases muscular activation of the lower extremity.

This means an individual’s best efforts with stretching, strengthening and muscular releases will not be enough to reduce the pain associated with the tendon. Ultimately, education and strengthening of the foot to ensure equal weight distribution between the heel, big toe and small toe is one of the best ways to start to minimize stress on the Achilles Tendon.

However, this is difficult to achieve initially and that is where taping is useful.


The benefits of taping allows for the Achilles Tendon to get the rest that is needed from our day to day activities. In addition, to supporting the achilles tendon with taping there are several treatment options that a physiotherapist can assist in treating this area.




Below is a video demonstrating a quick tape job for Achilles Tendon pain:

If you are suffering from achilles tendon pain, with one of our physiotherapists to help you become pain free.