Physiotherapy treatment in Vancouver usually includes application of various electro and thermo modalities to complement manual therapy and exercise treatment. Our clinic has the following modalities to discretion of physiotherapist:

TENS (Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation) – electrical current applied through two or four electrodes. This stimulation is usually very comfortable to the patient and provides immediate reduction of pain and muscle relaxation. The patient is usually controls himself current intensity. When very strong stimulation is required, Tens can be applied through acupuncture needles inserted into the patient’s body.

IFC (Interferential current) – another form of electrical current, used when deeper and stronger stimulation is needed, in example in cases of chronic low back pain. It is also often combined with vacuum cupping therapy, which increases blood flow to tissues and results in faster pain relief.

Ultrasound – we use of high intensity ultrasound, which is many times stronger than diagnostic ultrasound used in pregnancy tests. Ultrasound is a sound wave that human year cannot hear. It is mechanical energy used to break down scar tissue, increase metabolism and decrease pain. It is an effective treatment for various tendinopathies and local inflammations.

Thermotherapy – application of moist heat to improve blood circulation and send the patient home well relaxed.

Cryotherapy – application of icepacks to reduce swelling and control acute pain and inflammation.