Yoga Therapy

Yoga Therapy is the specialized adaptation of evidence based yoga applications for people with medical conditions. Yoga therapy employs exercises for restorative/postural re-education (e.g.: for spinal alignment), rehabilitation (e.g.: of soft-tissue injuries), and simple holistic techniques (e.g.: breathing exercises, mind awareness) for the complementary treatment of post-traumatic symptoms (e.g.: anxiety and sleep disorders) and pain/stress management.

Yoga Therapy uses gentle stretching and strengthening exercises (postures), breathing practices, relaxation techniques and meditation to help restore body/mind balance and promote natural healing. It is suitable for all ages and all levels of fitness and flexibility.

Benefits of Yoga Therapy:

  • Improved range of movement and reduced stiffness of joints and muscles;
  • Improved strength,endurance and functionality of muscles;
  • Proper healing of injured tendons and ligaments to prevent the injuries from becoming chronic;
  • Assistance in pain management and coping with post traumatic distress;
  • Patients learn a variety of breathing and relaxation techniques to deal with both pain management and distress (e.g.: panic attacks, anxiety);
  • Patients are encouraged to develop mental awareness of the physical body to relieve tension in effected areas and to prevent further injury.

How it works:

  • Patients receive an initial assessment to determine an individualized treatment plan for the best results;
  • During one-on-one yoga-therapy sessions, an exercise plan is implemented to gradually build up muscle strength and improve body posture;
  • Personal assistance and guidance is provided to ensure optimum results;