Greg Cugnet

B.Kin, MScPT

Greg completed his Masters of Science in Physical Therapy from the University of Alberta, following a Bachelor of Kinesiology at the University of British Columbia. In his time as a physiotherapist, Greg has gone on to complete a number of additional post-graduate courses relating to cervico-thoracic, lumbo-pelvic, and lower limb advanced certifications, as well as level 1 and 2 dry needling (IMS), concussion and running injuries, as well as blood flow restriction rehabilitation. While Greg sees a variety of injuries, he has a particular interest in lower back, hip, knee and ankle injuries.

Greg’s treatment approach incorporates a balance between manual therapy, exercise prescription, dry needling, and focused education to meet patient goals. Greg believes that because everyone is different, treatment programs need to be catered to each person specifically. Drawing upon experience working with runners, elite hockey players, yogis, recreational athletes, desk workers and everyone in between, Greg has learned to pick up on patterns that lead to pain and dysfunction, and collaborate with the patient to find solutions that will work for them.

In his spare time, Greg likes to run, bike, play basketball and volleyball, as well as generally keeping active with resistance training. Please let Greg know if you are working to get back to a specific activity, and he will help get you there.