Parmis Atashzay

B.Kin, MScPT

Parmis completed her Master of Science in Physical Therapy at the University of Toronto, and her Bachelor’s in Kinesiology at the University of British Columbia.  Parmis’ unwavering passion revolves around implementing unique approaches to foster health and fitness, mitigate injuries, and alleviate pain for individuals across all age spectrums and injury types.

Her interest in this field began early on, driven by her love for activities such as running track, weight-lifting, hiking, dancing, kickboxing, playing basketball, and playing badminton.  These activities sparked her curiosity about approaches to preventing injuries and increasing longevity while living an active lifestyle.  Through her athletic background, combined with her clinical skills, she is able to provide efficient treatment techniques to allow athletes to return to sports quickly.

Parmis’ warm and compassionate personality allows her to diagnose injuries while seeking to understand the root causes of her clients’ injuries, in order to implement preventative approaches for the future, while also resolving her clients’ current issues. Her comprehensive sessions encompass physiotherapy assessments, followed by hands-on manual therapy, functional retraining, and targeted therapeutic exercises – all tailored to individual needs and goals. While Parmis is passionate about treating all body parts and injuries, she holds a particular interest in the neck, lower back, hip, knee, and shoulder. She utilizes her preferred technique of patient-centered exercises, which enhances her ability to provide personalized care.

Outside of the clinic, you can find Parmis running along the seawall, going for long hikes, and exploring restaurants all across the city to fulfill her inner foodie.

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