1 Minute Read On Stretching the Hip Flexors

By Zeinab Ndow

The hip flexors are a group of muscles that are important for stabilization of the spine and pelvis, and are used for lifting the knees towards the torso in daily activities such as walking up stairs, running, and walking uphill. Additionally, when we are in a seated position, the hip flexors remain contracted and shortened (because the hips are in a flexed position). Prolonged sitting in this position causes the hip flexor muscle fibres to shorten over time, and this may contribute to lower back pain when these shortened muscles pull on the pelvis and spine, causing the pelvis to tilt forward.
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An Effective squat

Watch our physiotherapist, Mary discuss the benefits of an effective squat to reduce low back pain and improve gluteal strength.
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Hip, Knee and Back Pain

Looking for an exercise to help with your pain before you see a physiotherapist?

Physiotherapist, Paul Chang, explains in this video below the many benefit of the clamshell exercise – eliminate hip, knee and back pain all with one exercise.
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Back Pain and Stiffness

Our physiotherapist, Gail Mattuck, talks to us about stiffness in our mid-back (thoracic spine, t-spine).
With many of us working at a desk, sitting an increasing amount throughout the day back stiffness is very common. Let our physiotherapists put an end to your stiffness today.
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Pelvic Floor Video Blog

Have you ever wondered what pelvic floor physiotherapy is all about?

Our pelvic floor physiotherapist, Sarah Leong, takes the time to explain what it’s all about in this video and explains how this form of treatment is helpful for both women and men. Eliminating the belief that pelvic floor physiotherapy is only for pregnant woman.
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